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Spreading the Hope of the Living Lord


Spreading the hope of our risen Savior (Matthew 28:18-20; 1 John 4:12)


Thoroughly preparing disciples to do every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Hebrews 13:21; Romans 12:3-8; Ephesians 4:11-16; 1 Corinthians 12:12-31)


Setting in motion the body of Christ for the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven locally and abroad (Matthew 4:19; James 1:27; Romans 12:3-8; Micah 6:7-8)

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Sunday at 8:30 & 10:00AM

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What's Happening Now

Dear OCC family,

I am writing you today to let you know some of the things going on within our church. A couple weeks ago John Gaska informed us that he and Penny will be moving to Florida at the close of the school year. This will result in the vacancy of a trustee for OCC. Normally, this position would be able to be filled in October. However, we will need to re-sign the loan at the bank in April.  Because trustees are filled by congregational vote, we will be having a brief congregational meeting after the service on March the 7th to approve the new trustee.  

Last week one of the furnaces gave up. It had served our building for 27 years and has been put to rest and a new system has been put in its place.  An air scrubber has also been installed in this new furnace, that should kill mold and viruses including influenza and COVID. During the process of replacing this unit, we learned that the new model year furnace will be taking a significant jump in price. Significant being, approximately a 40 percent increase. We were offered a package to replace the rest of the heating and cooling systems in the church building and also in the AMP building at the lower prices. After considering options, we will be getting the new units installed in the next few weeks. An air scrubber will also be installed in each of the units going in the church building. We consider this to be a blessing.  We are expecting to see a significant savings in our energy cost due to the upgrade in efficiency of the new units. 

OCC Children

At OCC we love children and are committed to teaching them about Jesus and the Bible. We are also committed to creating a safe environment for your children. Children are welcome to attend worship with their parents for the entire service or they are invited to participate in the children’s class. Following is information about our Sunday morning children’s programming.

At our 10 am service on Sunday, children will start out with their families in the sanctuary until right before the sermon.  As the sermon begins, children will be dismissed for their class. Children K -5th grade will walk to the lobby, where Mrs. Brenda will greet them and lead them downstairs to their class. 

Class location is in the dining area in the basement.  There are tables set up, 6 feet apart.  Children in the same family will sit together.

At the end of service, during announcements, the last slide/announcement will indicate someone in your family should go downstairs prior to the last song to pick up your child. This will assist parents to get their children in a safe manner.

Masks - While masks will be encouraged, they will not be required.

Preschoolers – As we navigate through this COVID season and re-start our children’s program, we are currently unable to host a preschool specific class.  If families would like their preschooler to attend the children’s class, we ask that an adult or older child in the family accompany their preschooler during the entire class time. 

Text Box: 	The lady’s group is meeting in the church basement on Tuesday mornings at 11 am. In addition to studying a scripture, they are blessed to be able to share and discuss how these scriptures relate to the three generations that attend.   Text Box: Men’s group is meeting in person at the church building Tuesdays at 7PM.   We have been discussing ways to fight the spiritual battles that are going on around us.Text Box: Volunteers Needed
We are currently looking for volunteers to help out with extra cleaning of our church. This is in addition to what is already being done weekly.

It only requires each "team" to work one time a year. If this is something you could help out with, please contact Kim Brown:
573-291-0372 (call or text)
Thank you in advance.
Stay well!
Kim Brown

Text Box: We are always looking “needing” helpers with the worship teams. Please contact Tim if you are interested in the sound/video or if you would like to help on stage with instrument or voice. Please speak with one of the folks on the praise teams.


Both the VINE Middle School Group and AMP High School Group will be meeting weekly on Wednesday nights @ 6:30pm in the AMP Building. Dinner will not be served at this time, eat before you come or you are welcome to bring your own food in. 

In a time where social distancing is encouraged, we have strayed from our calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Students, this semester we will have an extra emphasis on service. How can we find ways to serve in a time like this? Let’s figure it out together my friends.

Nursery – Our nursery room is open for parents who need a place to be with their babies, toddlers, or preschoolers. A volunteer staffed nursery is not currently available.

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